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Masters in Medical Informatics

Promote Health with IT

Interested in computing as it relates to medicine and health care? Looking to apply your creativity to solving the problems facing the health care industry today? Then this is the graduate program for you!

Medical informatics is an emerging computing discipline that harnesses the computing power of information technology to address the needs and challenges of the medical industry. Through the creative and innovative application of technology you can develop secure, high quality, and cost effective computing solutions that support innovation in medical education, medical practice, and medical research.

This is a unique, collaborative masters program offered jointly by RIT and the University of Rochester's School of Medicine and Dentistry. UR is one of the very best medical schools in the United States; and RIT is an internationally recognized leader in high-quality technical education.Together, these universities provide an unparalleled educational experience in this field.

Students may matriculate at either institution, but take courses at both universities. Graduates receive a common diploma bearing the seals of both universities.

This program is offered full- or part-time, on-site only.

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