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Bachelors in Networking & System Administration

Data--Anywhere, Any time!

That's what the BS in Networking and System Administration (NSA) degree is about. Smart phones, tablets, and desktops are only as good as the information that is delivered to them. Our networking and systems administration graduates are driving the world of ubiquitous computing. Whether it's an ad-hoc network in a remote area of the world or a gigabit backbone serving a corporate infrastructure, our graduates are designing, implementing, and supporting networks and servers for the dependable delivery of information.

One of the first programs of its kind in the nation.  No other university has a program in the networking discipline with the depth in theory and practice that students receive here in the IST department at RIT. Hands-on laboratory experiences are integrated into nearly every course and students routinely work alongside their professors on projects that develop new applications of theory.

The coursework includes a complement of core courses which provides a firm foundation in both networking and system administration. This is followed by advanced study where you take your choice of five advanced courses from over a dozen possibilities in order to further hone your skills.