Almost Somewhere

Cover Art

Liner Notes

Without trying to sound too philosophical: Anyone who takes a step towards a goal is indeed, almost somewhere. These songs contain the common threads of "place and time." Some are about the lack of time, or the abundance of time, displaced time, etc. Some describe foreign places or describe apparently mundane places as foreign, or even describe places that don't exist, I suppose. You can't be much less definitive about time and place than saying almost somewhere. In any event, approaching our "somewheres" might be better than reaching them, anyway.

  1. SummerWorld
  2. Slow (featuring Paul Yacci, Alto Sax; Nancy Baybee, Guest Vocals)
  3. From a Window
  4. Used to be My World
  5. Sometimes I Break Down
  6. Styrene
  7. 17 Miles
  8. Mulberry Way
  9. Make it So
  10. Ghost Love

All songs, instruments, vocals and production by Michael Yacci

(Exceptions noted above.)

Thanks to Marlana for the assistance with the cover art.

This album was recorded on Apple and Windows platforms. Instruments and Synthesizers from Kurzweil, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Fender, & Conn. This album is available for purchase on iTunes , Amazon and other music outlets. PS: If you don't have good speakers (or can't crank them up), listen with headphones to get the maximum enjoyment from the mix.