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Liner Notes

"Personal Universal" might be an oxymoron -- two words that just don't seem to belong together. However, I believe you will find that these songs touch upon some themes that are both universal to all humans, and hopefuly personal enough so that there is a little humanity in the observations. I don't like to write classic love songs, but I hope you find the love in this collection.

  1. Electron of Love
  2. Little Soul
  3. Be My Star
  4. Leigh Ann
  5. Borderless
  6. Crack In The Universe
  7. Smiling For Me
  8. Just Like The Rain
  9. Message To Myself
  10. One More Goodbye

All songs, instruments, vocals and production by Michael Yacci

The beautiful cover artwork is provided by my star, my love Nancy Yacci

Thanks to Marlana for the graphics.

Cover Art

This album was recorded on Apple and Windows platforms. Instruments and Synthesizers from Kurzweil, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Conn, Izotope & Fender. This album is available for purchase on iTunes , Amazon and other music outlets. PS: If you don't have good speakers (or can't crank them up), listen with headphones to get the maximum enjoyment from the mix.