Cover Art

Liner Notes

  1. What Do You Believe?
  2. Limo Driver
  3. Depending on You
  4. I Just Wanna Break Your Heart
  5. Lines Upon My Face
  6. Big Red
  7. You Never Know Until You Try
  8. Pinto’s Last Ride
  9. Wailing Wall
  10. You Lied / Orbital Path
  11. Phantom Limb
  12. Puppet Dance

Produced and Performed by Michael Yacci

Alto Saxophone on “You Never Know Until You Try” and Tenor Saxophone on “Puppet Dance”by Paul Yacci

All Songs written by Michael Yacci and published by Little Hat Music except “Wailing Wall” written by Todd Rundgren, published by Earmark Music

The beautiful cover art was done by Nancy Yacci. Thanks to Marlana Davis for the CD graphics.

Cover Art

This album was recorded on Apple and Windows platforms. Instruments and Synthesizers from Kurzweil, Nord, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Izotope, & Fender. This album is available for purchase on iTunes and other music outlets. PS: If you don't have good speakers (or can't crank them up), listen with headphones to get the maximum enjoyment from the mix.

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